Medical Insurance

A Class… or C class ?

You need medical insurance because you cannot predict what your medical bills will be.

If you have health insurance, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you are protected from most of these costs.

You should not wait until you or a family member becomes seriously ill to try to purchase health insurance.

Some people say, I do not need medical insurance because I’m young and healthy now. I will wait till sickness strikes me before I buy medical insurance. But the thing is, once you have a serious illness, no insurers will insure you. Ironical, isn’t it?

Things to look out for when you buy medical insurance


Deductible is the portion of costs you are liable to pay before any benefits are payable


Co-insurance is the fixed percentage you are liable to pay for costs in excess of the deductible

Surgical Limit

Surgical Limits Table is the latest surgical operation fee listed in the “Table of Surgical Procedures” under the Medisave Scheme operated by the Ministry of health

Hospital Income

Hospital Income pays you a certain amount for each day that you are hospitalized.


Call us (Summer Kang 9145 3782 / Roy Chia 9476 8982) to find out how you can reduce your medical liabilities. If you think you are adequately covered, think again. Below are some of the claims which we have processed successfully:




Amount Claimed

August 2009

Mr Tannnt

Sports Injury

Client underwent a surgery in a private hospital on his left ligament as his ligament was torn during a soccer match. He stayed in an A class ward. Cost of surgery is $10,499.99 and he has to go for physiotherapy after surgery. Cost of weekly physiotherapy adds up to $712.11.

Cost of surgery: $10,499.99med

Hospital Income (3 days): $450

Get Well Benefit: $50

Physiotherapy: $712.11

Total claimed: $11,711.11


April 2009

Ms Kangt


Client underwent a day surgery for colonscope in a government hospital. Cost of colonscope is $370.12 after subsidy

Cost of colonscope: $370.12

Hospital Income (1 day) : $100

Get Well Benefit: $100

Total claimed: $570.12