Company Insurance

Workers and employees are the lifeblood of every company. That’s why most companies provide their workers and employees with medical and insurance coverage. Furthermore, workers and foreign workers are protected under the Work Injury Compensation Act.

Workmen's Compensation

The Work Injury Compensation Act replaces the Workmen's Compensation Act from 1 April 2008. It provides a simple, low-cost and no-fault system that benefits both employees and employers. Employees can receive compensation quickly without having to prove fault, and employers' liability can be capped. Compensation also includes medical expenses and medical leave wages.

Foreign Worker Medical Insurance

The Ministry of Manpower will require employers to purchase and maintain insurance for the medical expenses of foreign workers from 1 January 2008.  This requirement is being implemented in tandem with the withdrawal of healthcare subsidies for foreigners, which was previously announced by the Ministry of Health.  

Marine Cargo

Insurance covering loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo from one port/ country to another. Sendings can be by Sea, Air or within Land. Policies are tailored to suit individual Insured's needs. Coverage can be provided for all risks or named perils basis.